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FactoryDelegatingCaptionRegistry<C> - Interface in cloud.commandframework.captions
Caption registry that delegates to factory methods
failure(Throwable) - Static method in class cloud.commandframework.arguments.parser.ArgumentParseResult
Indicate that the parsing failed
failureCaption() - Method in annotation type cloud.commandframework.annotations.Regex
Key for the caption used to generate the failure exception.
fillInStackTrace() - Method in exception cloud.commandframework.exceptions.NoPermissionException
fillInStackTrace() - Method in exception cloud.commandframework.exceptions.NoSuchCommandException
fillInStackTrace() - Method in exception cloud.commandframework.services.types.ConsumerService.PipeBurst
FilteringCommandSuggestionProcessor<C> - Class in cloud.commandframework.execution
Command suggestions processor that checks the input queue head and filters based on that
FilteringCommandSuggestionProcessor() - Constructor for class cloud.commandframework.execution.FilteringCommandSuggestionProcessor
FIRST - cloud.commandframework.services.ExecutionOrder
flag(CommandFlag.Builder<T>) - Method in class cloud.commandframework.Command.Builder
Register a new command flag
flag(CommandFlag<T>) - Method in class cloud.commandframework.Command.Builder
Register a new command flag
Flag - Annotation Type in cloud.commandframework.annotations
Indicates that the parameter should be treated like a CommandFlag.
FLAG_META - Static variable in class cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound.FlagArgument
FLAG_META_KEY - Static variable in class cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound.FlagArgument
Meta data for the last argument that was suggested
FLAG_PARSE_RESULT_OBJECT - Static variable in class cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound.FlagArgument
Dummy object that indicates that flags were parsed successfully
FLAG_PRESENCE_VALUE - Static variable in class cloud.commandframework.arguments.flags.FlagContext
Dummy object stored as a flag value when the flag has no associated parser
FlagArgument<C> - Class in cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound
Container for flag parsing logic.
FlagArgument(Collection<CommandFlag<?>>) - Constructor for class cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound.FlagArgument
Construct a new flag argument
FlagArgument.FailureReason - Enum in cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound
Reasons for which flag parsing may fail
FlagArgument.FlagArgumentParser<C> - Class in cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound
FlagArgument.FlagParseException - Exception in cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound
Flag parse exception
flagBuilder(String) - Method in class cloud.commandframework.CommandManager
Create a new command flag builder
FlagContext - Class in cloud.commandframework.arguments.flags
Flag value mappings
FlagParseException(String, FlagArgument.FailureReason, CommandContext<?>) - Constructor for exception cloud.commandframework.arguments.compound.FlagArgument.FlagParseException
Construct a new flag parse exception
flags() - Method in class cloud.commandframework.context.CommandContext
Get the associated FlagContext instance
FloatArgument<C> - Class in cloud.commandframework.arguments.standard
FloatArgument.Builder<C> - Class in cloud.commandframework.arguments.standard
FloatArgument.FloatParseException - Exception in cloud.commandframework.arguments.standard
FloatArgument.FloatParser<C> - Class in cloud.commandframework.arguments.standard
FloatParseException(String, float, float, CommandContext<?>) - Constructor for exception cloud.commandframework.arguments.standard.FloatArgument.FloatParseException
Construct a new float parse exception
FloatParser(float, float) - Constructor for class cloud.commandframework.arguments.standard.FloatArgument.FloatParser
Construct a new float parser
FORCE_SUGGESTION - cloud.commandframework.CommandManager.ManagerSettings
Force sending of an empty suggestion (i.e.
formatMessage(Caption, CaptionVariable...) - Method in class cloud.commandframework.context.CommandContext
Format a caption
FormattingInstance() - Constructor for class cloud.commandframework.arguments.StandardCommandSyntaxFormatter.FormattingInstance
Create a new formatting instance
forward() - Method in class cloud.commandframework.services.ServiceSpigot
Forward the request through the original pipeline.
forwardAsynchronously() - Method in class cloud.commandframework.services.ServiceSpigot
Forward the request through the original pipeline.
from(World, double, double) - Static method in class cloud.commandframework.bukkit.parsers.location.Location2D
Get a new Location2D
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